Ya-Yas in Bloom - Rebecca Wells

This book is better than "Little Altars Everywhere" and follows a timeline better but still lacks the outside storyline to justify the flashback/plot progression.

Since I just finished all three I'm going to cover the series all really quick.

Little Altars Everywhere is a terrible start to a series, at this point you don't know the characters and don't have a reason to care about them, the story line isn't there. It, like Ya-ya's in Bloom, is all about the side characters and relationships, as well as building the childhood issues that explain why Sidda goes on her sabbatical in Divine Secrets. While this is somewhat interesting in the way of building a more 3d character, neither book adds much to the overall story. As a reader we can understand how having an alcoholic mother and suffering abuse at her hand would cause some issue in your relationship with her and anyone else, we do not need 2 books of abuses and happy times to see why this would make it hard for Sidda to have a normal life.  There is little conflict to overcome in Little Altars Everywhere or Ya-ya's in Bloom, leaving the readers to ask why they care.

I read that Wells said these books are not a memoir, however with the way that the first and third book in this series read I really have to wonder how much is fact and not fiction.