The Peach Keeper - Sarah Addison Allen

I really enjoy Sarah Addison Allen. It's Chicklit, but I love it. I love her strong women and the magic that is peppered in her books. The Peach Keeper was my second book I've read of hers and I enjoyed them both this one a less because of two main things 1) I didn't think that the characters where quite as flushed out as I wanted them to be and 2) Sebastian's storyline.  Either make the man gay, or bi but this suddenly straight thing was rather rushed. It was clear from early on that he was in to Paxton so leaving him gay wouldn't have seemed right but writing on his gay experiences as 'I was a confused lonely boy' left a bad taste in my mouth. Overall I wrote him as bi in my mind and finished the book.  The last bit with Georgie and Agatha seemed out of place but over all I still really did enjoy the book, and found myself smiling while listening to it.