My Undercover Years With The Ku Klux Klan - Gary Thomas Rowe

This book was a semi interesting memoir, which is maybe a really good thing since I wanted to read something factual and not sensationalized. It wasn't terribly written but it wasn't amazing. And while Rowe did provide the FBI with valuable information, I have to wonder if it was all worth it and how much of the book was accurate. I found myself sickened at the things suggested by the KKK members in this book, but they where also things that Rowe went along with. I'm sure that on some level it was to maintain his cover but does that make it okay? The ethics of undercover work are complicated at best. And given that he did not hide his own enjoyment of violence, does that matter?

I'm also curious about how his opinions may have changed over the years. In the end of the book he denounces the violence and treatment of blacks as second class but still wants segregation. I read through a new york times article from 1998 about Rowe's life and death and I'm about to go see what else I can find since apparently there is more to the story (like what the story is regarding the cover image).


I wouldn't recommend this book unless it's a topic your really interested in but I'm glad to have 1 of the 12 books I pulled off my bookshelf done.