The Selection - Kiera Cass, Amy Rubinate

This book over all just bugged me.  I don't know if I'm really just aging out of this genre or what but the love triangle was very trying. That being said I did just put the second book on hold because I do think that the rebel story is interesting and I am somewhat interested in how the Maxon/Aspen/America thing plays out. Personally I don't like Aspen and haven't from the beginning, which makes me feel like if Cass wants us to like him she didn't write him well. Which brings me to Cass' writing in general, this book seems very clunky.  The way it's written is bulky and frustrating. I feel like Cass was tripping over herself to get us to see things which ended up making the book seemed forced.  I'd had heard good things about this series and I'm going to finish it but so far it seems very shallow.