Night Diver - Elizabeth Lowell

This book was billed as "superbly combines atmosphere, action, romance, and suspense" but managed to fail so miserably I considered not finishing it.  This book is about a family treasure hunting dive operation who have lost members to the ocean. They are now at the risk of losing the business due to a bad contract and little being brought up from the wreckage they are working.  In an attempt to help save the business the youngest member of the family (and our main character) Kate comes home to help salvage the family business despite her fear of the ocean, which took her parents' lives. Kate falls for the British dive consultant from the government, who the contract is with.


This book has a mystery and action aspect to it however these elements do not really come up until the 20-25%, and are handled in such a clunky way that it pained me to listen to. The atmosphere was never really built, while the island and boat life was mentioned often there was never a feeling of the atmosphere present. The only thing this book really seemed to have was romance and even that was awkward.  There was a lot of talk about tasting Kate's freckles and the way people smelled to the point of laughing out loud.


As a last note, I listened to this book on audiobook and the reader's British man accent was so off-putting, it didn't help the bad writing.