Private L.A. - James Patterson, Mark T. Sullivan

Private L.A. has the team at Private working a missing persons case of an A list family (think Jolie-Pitt) as well as being brought into work on a mass murders group in the L.A. area. Mark Sullivan is great addition to James Patterson in this book.


This book was so much better than the Private #1 Suspect, and may have been better than Private. While Tommy and the mob where in this book they had a much smaller role that did ensure that they will show up again but they were not over arching. This is really great because that was one of my big gripes with #1 Suspect.


As for the cases in this book I really enjoyed how different the 2 cases were. They were both very interesting and I was trying to figure them out up until all was revealed.  The Harlow case was stomach turning when you found out what they were doing to their Nanny, but really made their abduction and torture make sense and seem somewhat justifiable. As for the No Prisoners case, I really enjoyed the storyline that this group of characters had, I thought their renegade solders story was interesting and how the death of the general left them rather lost in the desert was interesting. It was also cool to see someone from Morgan and Del Rio's past come up.  I also thought that Del Rio's injury in this book was a good way to make the team seem more human even though it's not going to be a permanent injury. To that same note, I appreciated that we saw Justine in a vulnerable place following her experience in Mexico. I thought her reaction was appropriate to how her character has been written and that it was really nice to see her knowing what was going on but that not helping her work through the situation.  It seemed very really and very honest.


2 minor issues: 1) this book has spoilers for Private Games which I was not expecting. 2) Justine calling her self little sister, over and over and over again.  Like it just seemed like a weird way to pep talk yourself.