Private Berlin - James Patterson, Mark T. Sullivan

When one of Private Berlin's investigators go missing, Private goes searching. This book takes us through the cases that missing investigator, Chris Schneider, was working on prior to his disappearance. In a search to find the truth Chris' former fiance and head of Private Berlin, Mattie Engel, uncovers the some of Berlin's painful past.


I listened to this book on audio (as per usual for this series). This is the first Private book that really creeped me out.  This book feature two different readers, one for the villain and one for Mattie and the villain's performer was so completely unsettling and creepy I had a hard time getting to bed after listening to this book. 


One big issue that I did have with this book is that I had is that parts of it read like getting directions to a mall "now take 27th over to main, take that to Cleavland,...." except with German names. I'm sure if I'd been to Berlin or had an idea about the geography It wouldn't have bothered me nearly as much it happened so much that it was really annoying.