The Elite - Kiera Cass

The characters where more dimensional in this book, but America was so whiny, stupid, and selfish for most of this book.  I'm sure if I was 17 and my boyfriend was dating 6 other girls I'd be pretty whiny and insecure but just pages and pages of it. I liked that there was more going on with the rebels and the royals in this book than in The Selection but really I was trudging to get through this book. Also it kills me that nothing about the war with New Asia has been explained. Clearly that's a very big deal but we don't get to know anything about it and it makes me crazy.

Also I listened to this on audiobook and the lady who reads this book goes so slow. I wish I could have sped up the playback by 50% because her speed and the whiny nature of huge sections of this book killed me.


Crack pot theory maybe

Is her Dad part of the rebels? God that would make this series way more interesting, but only if we get to her from his dad's pov, cause America is so fucking annoying and stupid. Case and point not going for the crown to make the changes you really want. GAHHHHHH She is So DDDDUUUUMMMMMBBBBBB

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