The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

This book follows Pat Persons as he deals with reintegrating in life following a stay at a neurological health facility, he can't remember swaths of time and is completely obsessed with bettering himself to win Nikki, his wife, back. During this reintegrating he befriends Tiffany, his best friends sister in law, who is depressed and rather manic. Through out the book we get to see the impact of Pat's mental health on his family and friends, from Pat's perspective.


I thought this book was really interesting. I enjoyed seeing things through Pat's perspective especially the way it impacted his family.  One thing that did drive me nuts through the whole book was the way Pat always said "apart time", though I understand it as a character choice. I thought Pat's family was really interesting and found the superstitious nature of football fascinating.  What I didn't love was the way that Tiffany seems to irrationally hate the sport because it was never even remotely explained.  Which maybe the point, to play up her crazy, but still it just seemed like a device to play up Pat's sacrifice for the dance.


Also in some ways I got a MPDG vibe from Tiffany even though she doesn't really fit the description given her whole mental health situation and selfish/selfless choices.