Horns - Joe Hill

After Ignatius Perrish's girlfriend was raped murdered and he was the prime suspect his life has been going no where.  After a night of drinking and doing terrible things he wakes up with a wicked hangover, and horns.  These horns have left him with a strange set of powers that he intends to use to figure out who killed Merrin and seek revenge.


I was recently thinking about Locke and Key I really wanted to read more from Joe Hill, and Horns didn't disappoint. This books dark comedy had me laughing out loud. While Hill's plays on religion at times made me feel a little weird given my own religious views it was a great book.  I liked how the non linear storyline let us see the characters as teens and adults and the way people change, or don't, through time. And some of the lines were just so great from the funny "You, of all people, ought to know a Motown reference when you see it, Terry." to the serious "The best way to get even with anyone is to put them in the rearview mirror on your way to something better" Hill has a gift.


Now to watch the movie adaptation.