NOS4A2 - Joe Hill

This is one of the first books that I've read that I'd count as a horror book. The characters are great, the villain is really creepy, and the premiss is interesting. That being said I just didn't dig this book that much as I'd thought I would after reading some of Hill's other stuff.


The book starts with a side story (chapter?) with a nurse that seemed to be out of place. Then the book jumps back about 20 years and then when going through the story when those events happen we get the first sentence from that chapter then it roles on to the next section. All of which felt clunky and weird, like I had missed something right off the bat. 


Another weird thing was that I felt like while I enjoyed Vic's character and development, I also felt like we saw too much of her as a young child and not enough of her going into adulthood and mental instability.  But it also seemed to drag, though that wasn't limited to Vic, that was just the majority of the book.


As for Manx and Bing, they are so creepy, which is good for horror but I'm glad I'm still pretty far out from Christmas because I don't think I can do Christmas music right now.