Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

I'm having a hard time rating and figuring out how to write about this one. So just in case you missed the spoiler banner at the top I'm about to dive head first into spoilers.


Here's the thing. I liked this book, I loved the characters, I liked there story, it in general was a nice fluffy feel good sort of book. However I really don't like cheaters, and I really can't stand emotional cheaters but yet I still found myself rooting for Sydney and Ridge. They were likable characters, I wanted them to work out but he was dating Maggie and they both knew that.  And in addition to that Maggie's response to finding out there was cheating going on was very easy. While I found what she said to be fully believable, it still just seemed like a very easy out to make us okay with Sydney and Ridge being an item.

But I did like the book, ugh. Anyway I loved Warren, Bridget and Maggie as characters as well. I found them all really likable and funny, even Bridget who is generally horrible. I loved that Warren, Ridge and Sydney all played pranks on each other and the way that Hoover built multidimensional characters. But it also kinda glorified cheating.  I don't know.  Sigh. Oh I did enjoy the sound track though!