Magic Rises

Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews

Oh my god feels, feels too many feels. The end of that battle was just oh so sad, I mean I expected it because someone had to go but just right in the guts. and the thing battle before the end one oh my god right in the guts. Also the beginning with the mom and the speech Kate gets from the bear. To many feels as noted by my incoherent ramble typing. Clearly I just finished in one sitting and haven't slept in 22 hours but who's counting. Also Hugh that asshole has to go, that dick weed needs a solidly good death.


HOWEVER the whole Kate can't tell a lie thing was so annoying but I guess I can role with it because I like these two screwed up assholes together. But trust on both sides would have been better in my mind especially because Kate probably would have still dealt with jealousy even if she did know it was a show.