Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby - Mary Kubica

Heidi sees a teen and her baby on the train platform in the rain a few times during the week. Heidi is the kind of person who can't see a need and not try to fix it.  Heidi approaches the teen, Willow, and brings her and the baby home without consulting her husband, Chris, or her 12 year old daughter, Zoe. The story takes off from there. 


I wasn't really sure how to rate this book. I think Kubica's writing was better in this book but there were some things that weren't wrapped up that thinking back on the book I had some issues with but weren't detrimental to the story (I'll get into them in the spoiler section).  I enjoyed the book, I was fascinated while I was reading this and couldn't put it down. The story was pretty linear there weren't any sudden surprising twists, but I wasn't upset about that. I enjoyed the multiple points of view in this book (Heidi, Chris, and Willow) and the way that we see all the history and events that end up fitting the story together. I thought it was slightly better than it was in The Good Girl in weaving the past and present story lines in though I think that is probably a purely personal opinion. 


I just read the blurb for Don't You Cry, that is coming out in May and I will be picking that up for sure.


I really had an issue with how much time this takes place over, Like I feel like her job or friends would have called Chris if she was "sick" for that long and if it wasn't that long I feel like her mental break happened really quick. Like obviously she wasn't well but she bought all that stuff like 9-11 years ago, at least that's the impression that I got. Also I wish that we had a bit more of a wrap up for Zoe and Chris. I didn't really need that but I wish that had been wrapped up though I don't really know how to go about doing that without taking out some of the impact of the ending that was there.

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