City of Glass

City of Glass - Cassandra Clare

TLDR: If I was 10 I might have liked these books but at 27 I find them super obnoxious.


This book was a hot mess of predictability and really seemed to lack creativity.  I don't know that I'll be picking up any more of these books because they really aren't good, but as I've said before they are really great books for me at the gym because they don't take a lot of mental effort and are mildly interesting and aggravating enough to distract me. Though at one point I was so angry with how Clare was writing Jace that I almost threw my phone. That really isn't a glowing review, but this series is such a mess I really don't get why so many people love it.  I also really wonder if people would love it as much now if they didn't have the nostalgic memories attached to it. Honestly the only person I've liked in this Magnus Bane because he's at least interesting but even he seems far to convenient and he highlights Clare's inability to be subtle with a relationship that shouldn't really be as melodramatic as it is written as.  Seriously I feel like Malec has always felt like Clare writing an after school special on how it's okay to be gay. 


The Jace Clary thing was so predictable I called that from book one.  Also the Sebastian thing was the only slightly surprising thing that happened in my opinion. The conflict between the Downworlders and the Clave seemed like a giant plot hole vortex of questions, as did Valentines whole situation. Basically a lot of this book seemed like plot holes and slap dash covers to them.  Also Alec seemed really out of character for most of this book which bothers me more than probably anything else EXCEPT that she killed of the little brother and then deals with it in the most sloppy way. That whole bit felt like she was going for shock value and to get the Lightwoods more invested in the fight against Valentine which just feels totally unnecessary. And then everyone's reaction to it felt so juvenile and basic that I was left wondering yet again why people like these books.

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