The ongoing saga of flat characters

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner

The characters in this book are so one dimensional it's painful.  Dashner tries to build the dimensionality with the whole idea that all of the characters are really connected but it just fails to build interest or depth.  Also Thomas is an idiot.  He keeps doing the same things over and over again ignoring obvious options.  From the time he got separated in the tunnels on I was just angry and frustrated that he never tried to reach out to Aris, but then keeps whining about how he's worried about his group. I just felt like most of this book, from entering the desert till the safe haven stick, was a boo-hoo fest from everyone and them just methodically plotting along without the mystery of the first book.  Another reader pointed out this book has a very LOST aspect to it with WICKED  and I guess that's why I want to keep reading these books, even though they are average at best. I've heard they get better so here's to hoping.