Dreams Of Gods and Monsters

Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor

Even though I gave all of these books a 4.5 rating it is really a 5 star series for me. All of the books had some issues but over all this is one of the best series I've read and will be thinking about for a long time. This series. What can I say, it was so good. I felt like this book was a little uh, rushed at the end because it was a trilogy but in a way that was much better than other trilogies.  Really I feel like Taylor left it open enough to write a follow up if she wanted to down the line but also tied things up enough that there doesn't at all need to be. Which I find so aggravating in someways because I Want more time with this story and these characters but I also see that there is an end that is so clearly painted that you would know the endings of any other books before they were written. But isn't it more the journey that the destination we want. I don't know.  I'm feeling many feels at the moment. I can't even attempt to explain them in a way that makes sense (which is why staying up all night to finish a book and then writing a review right after is a bad idea). It's like I feel like with lord of the rings (only saw the movies) and harry potter (read books and saw the movies) they wrapped up in a way that was very 'and then they went home and had a full life that was delightfully boring' but DoGaM just told us there was more, so much more but we also saw an end that makes the need for more, just not there.  Sigh, I'm just being greedy.