The Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen

Like all of Sarah Addison Allen this book is about relationships, both friends and family, and the struggles in them.  I really enjoy the way she can cover difficult relationships, this book is no exception.


This was a really good book but it was just my least favorite of hers. I didn't connect with the characters in quite the same way because I feel like there was too much going on given the size of the book.  This was also the book with the most fantastical elements and in someways that seemed a little too forced/weird in places (but I wonder if that would have bothered me if I hadn't read so much of her other work first). 


I really want to write better reviews but I feel like if I write anything I'm either going to leave out huge points of the book or give something away, So the take away here is Sarah Addison Allen is great but this wouldn't be the first book of her's I'd recommend.


Also given that I've now read all but one of her books, only having one that I didn't love seems like a really good sign.