The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan, Joshua Swanson

When Jason wakes up on a bus next to Piper and Leo, all he knows is his name.  He can't remember anything about his life and things are about to get interesting.  The trio ends up at Camp Half-Blood where we see some old friends. 


This book is told from rotating perspectives of the main 3 characters.  While I was a little bummed we didn't see more of the characters from Percy Jackson and the Olympians I like these characters and I'm interested in their story.  I really like the arc of this series and the wrenches that are thrown in and the potential this series has to expand the world. And I don't feel like I can say anymore without getting in to spoilers so I'm going to go listen to Son of Neptune.


Audiobook note: Joshua Swanson (the reader) for this series is good but I liked Jesse Bernstein better.  Swanson's accent for Leo felt a little...Thick at times.