Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood

This book is kinda really depressing but really amazing. Atwood describes this book as speculative fiction and I totally agree (and thus it's really depressing).


Okay how do I explain the plot of this book without giving to much away.  Snowman leads and teaches the innocent Crakers following a catastrophic apocalyptic event, while sorting through how life got to be the way it is, and mourning the loss of Oryx and Crake.


This book is told through flashbacks but I didn't find them clunky. I've hear that people were bothered by the pace of this book. It's kinda slow.  It's goes through Snowman's whole life via flashback while he is doing stuff in his present, but none of that stuff is like super riveting. 


Since I love Margaret Atwood and science I'm not surprised that I loved this book. I am surprised that pace of this book didn't bother me, sometimes I get super ADD when reading and am just dying for the author to get to the point, but Atwood really took me on this journey, I was fascinated by the world. I wondered about Snowman's sanity. I pondered the mystery of what happened to get Snowman and the Crakers to this point. 


Overall totally recommend it, it's part of a trilogy that I can't wait to read more of but I also think this book could be a standalone.