Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Somehow I never wrote a review for this, so here is a review almost a month after I finished the book.


I've read the all of Gillian Flynn's novels! This was my least favorite, I thought that the story was really....well. I don't know not great is what's coming to mind. Flynn's writing talents are clearly there in this book but the story wasn't gripping to me. I didn't find the relationship between the Camille and Amma was believable. The fact that Camille was a cutter was purely for shock and not well explored. But most of all I didn't find the twists in this book surprising.


It was interesting to read all of such a highly acclaimed authors books in reverse publication order. It's clear that Flynn has a lot of talent and her writing and ability to weave a story has just gotten better. My favorite of hers is Dark Places but I can't wait to see what she puts out next.