Out of sorts

I've been really absent from here for a while.  Honestly I've been holed up with books and ignoring pretty much all of my online life for the last three weeks, but I'm coming around.  My mom moved across the country (again) and I helped her move (again). It put me in a serious funk, my mom lived with my husband an I for a year and I had all these great plans on how I was going to help her in that time, and it just didn't really happen. While I know this isn't my fault and she's an adult who has to be responsible for her own choices on some level it's hard to feel like I didn't fail her.  Also while I was gone I was in despite having a ton of diverse things to read I was in somewhat of a reading slump, and now that I'm back home I've been reading a lot, but hadn't felt like doing review until, well now. I make it a point to review all the books I read so I can go back and read what I thought about them, which is especially helpful when I'm recommending books, or talking about my favorite reads of the year. And now I'm eight books behinds and lots of them are from the same series (as a side note thanks to everyone who suggested I keep going with the Kate Daniels series after my questionable feelings about the first one) so...oops.


Basically what I'm saying is I'm about to review the last 8 books I read so, sorry for the great white wall of posts I may be producing.