The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray

This book was such a good October read, it's creepy paranormal read set in the 1920's. The beginning of this book had a don't read at night spooky warning, and I just rolled my eyes, but then I got to the end and totally had to turn on all the lights. lol. Anyway I really love the time periods and characters. The slang was a bit much at time but I got used to it (it was a 15 disc I had time time get used to it). As a main character Evie was at times annoying but she was an interesting and believable characters.  I loved all the side characters. This book was a touch....wandering at times. This book was setting up the series so there was a lot that needed to be covered so there are a lot of stories and characters that are being set up and world building that's going on.  I'm excited to pick up the next book but I'm also a touch apprehensive since there was such a long publishing gap between the first two and there are supposed to be 4 books.


As an audiobook note the narrator for this book is great at giving all the characters their own voice and does such a good job.