Three Cups of Deceit

Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way - Jon Krakauer

So, the other reason I picked up Three cups of Tea was so I could read this book and know what the heck was going on. This book reads a bit like a technical article, but it was also interesting to hear a through explanation of the controversy and lies that are related to Mortenson, Three Cups of Tea and CAI.


Personally I am one of those people who wants all the facts and all the sides so I appreciated the fact based nature of this book. Krakauer brings up verifiable evidence of issues, including proof of the creation myth and financial proof of lies. Also this book just made me more angry and annoyed about 3CT all together.


Krakauer ends the book on the point that CAI has done some real good, however with Mortenson still at the helm it is bound to fail and that is how I have come to feel about the organization. Schools are great, if CAI fulfilled their claims and promises about teachers, training and supplies and never built another school it would still do a world of good, even taking into account the ghost schools. But it has seemed like all they cared about was buildings and not the needs to supply an education.


Also I feel bad for Relin (coauthor of 3CT) though it seems clear that at best he didn't fact check enough, which is a rather important part of fact writing a memoir.


Also there is a movie in the pipeline, 3000 Cups of Tea, which is a follow up to the fall out by Jennifer Jordan and Jeff Rhoads. The movie website states:

"Having seen the schools with our own eyes and known the man for over ten years, Jeff and I decided to find out for ourselves what had happened — with Mortenson, with his schools, and perhaps, with the state of American journalism."


I'm curious about the film but also hesitant because it does seem like the filmmakers maybe...less than objective. They are raising money for post-production so who knows when or if this will actually come out.