The Year of the Flood

The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam #2) - Margaret Atwood

I meant to get to this much sooner since I finished Oryx and Crake back in June.


I think of this book more as a companion than a sequel to Oryx and Crake . This book takes place at the same time and also utilizes flashbacks but this book has two points of view. The story is told from Ren and Toby's perspective, two women from the God's Gardener movement that is briefly mentioned in Oryx and Crake. God's Gardeners are a religious group so this book is heavy on their religion but it's so interesting. The story while less depressing than Oryx and Crake is still depressing, but still so good. Atwood does dystopian and speculative fiction so well.


One small gripe which falls into spoiler territory.

The fact that all the characters keep running into each other is so unrealistic that it's almost annoying but I also realize why she did that for the story so it doesn't totally annoy me.

(show spoiler)


Audiobook note: This book has God's Gardeners hymns in it and they are fully arranged with music and singing and it's so wonderful it was amazing.