Lair of Dreams

Lair of Dreams: A Diviners Novel - Libba Bray

This is the second book of the Diviners series, and I'm super bummed I can't just jump into the other 2 books, while praying that Libba Bray doesn't take 3 years to put out the next book, again. 


This story follows our characters from The Diviners and adds in another diviner, Ling Chan, daughter of two immigrant parents who lives in Chinatown. Currently there is an outbreak of a new disease, a sleeping sickness leaving Chinatown in chaos. Ling, who is a dream walker like Henry, meets us with him in the dream world and try to sort the issue with the sickness as well as find Louis. While we also have continuation of the story from the first book, the story is focused much more on Ling and Henry. I really enjoyed that we could see the fallout and growth from the events of the first book but got to see more from a new person and Henry, who while I loved him in The Diviners I did feel his character was a bit underdeveloped there. This book also delved more into the government project side of things that was lightly touched on in the first book.


As for writing, I'm always amazed by the way Libba Bray can build environment. She writes about things in a way that I get completely sucked in. Was the sleeping sickness real? From the way Bray wrote about it, it felt like it could be. Did Roosevelt set up paranormal squad? Sure could have.  Overall I just love her writing it is wonderfully and folds me into the story and world.



On the love triangle front-I much prefer Sam and Evie to Evie and Jericho.  Evie was trying to do right by Mabel, and Jericho should have understood that.  I don't know I don't think they are a great fit where as Sam and Evie both have that devil may care attitude with the understanding that they are both dealing with a lot more beneath the surface. Where I just find Jericho...Kinda bruiting and out of touch. Which I understand given that he was raised by Will who has no paternal instinct and is basically a science experiment but still, I don't love him with Evie. I feel like he likes Evie as an idea not a person.

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