The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

This isn't a book isn't the sort of thing I'd usually pick up, but it's another book I remember my mom and sister reading and I did see the movie. I'm glad I finally read the book.


I really liked that the book dealt with the murder right at the start and that you know who did it the whole time. I think that helped me get into the right mindset for this book and let me see the family grieve and struggle without being distracted by a whodunit vibe the whole book. One issue I did have with this book was Sebold's writing, at times it was great and other times it left me wanting more and wondering where the person two pages back was as. 


The version that I listened to was read by Sebold and had an introduction by her, where she talks about wondering about the girls and families listed as missing in the papers when she was growing up.  I really appreciated that incite into where this story came from, and to hear the story in Sebold's voice.