The Fear Trials

The Fear Trials - Lindsay Cummings

I'm really trying to finish my popsugar challenge and was having a hard time finding a book with an author that shares my initials, and then I found out about The Murder Complex by someone who doesn't only share my initials but also my first name!! However we were heading on vacation and I couldn't get my hands on The Murder Complex but I could get this and the reviews made it sound like you could read it before reading The Murder Complex.  After reading this I still think that's true but I don't think this was a great novella or a great representation of what this series is about. 

The world really explained in this, other than it's kill or be killed. There is no explanation of why, when or how.  The interactions between characters was interesting because I was curious about the situation, but everything seemed a bit basic and I'm not sure if it's because it's short format or if that's the way the whole book is. 

I don't think this sold me on the series but I may still pick it up, if anyone has read it let me know if it's worth my time.  I'm worried I'm getting sucked into a maze runner situation where I'm going to pick up the next book to find out what the heck is going on only to have nothing ever explained.