The Well of Ascension

The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson

This book is a solid continuation of the first book, but the content is more focused on the politics and effects of the first book. I really liked the heist and revolution aspects of the first book but I really liked seeing what the effects of those actions were. There was a lot so self doubt that was going on in this book which I know is grating to some people but not everyone can be Kelsier and it would have been more obnoxious to have people acting out of character and taking that attitude on. I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait for the third one. 


I just reread my review of The Final Empire and I'd forgotten how eh I'd felt about Elend, I really loved him in this book and his relationship with Vin and how that all worked out. 

On their relationship front I'm so glad that he didn't just disappear for part of all of this book due to Vin originally declining his marriage proposal.  I liked that even though they both had feelings that the other deserved someone better they didn't just leave and go half way across the empire to realize what they had.


I had a issue with how long it took us to get back to the Marsh and the inquisitor and the other Kandra. That being said I was caught off guard but the OreSeur revelation but what a good spy to place since Vin wouldn't be able to tell. Also I wonder if we'll see more of TenSoon because clearly he was pretty conflicted.


I loved Twyndel in general but I absolutely loved her with Sazed. Why did she have to die, I mean yes clearly not everyone could survive that battle but poor Sazed like really my heart broke for him and then he had to face the fact that none of the religions actually seemed to help and deal with that and that was just so sad to watch him break. And her telling Sazed that he did the fathering conversation well with Vin and Elend, OH the HEARTBREAK it just keeps compounding for me as I'm writing this.


As for people dying I really didn't care that much that Clubs and Dox died. Like they where the most expendable of the crew but it was still kinda sad.  Not as sad as Twyndel though.  I never really latched on to Clubs and Dox annoyed me without Kelsier, though I really appreciated that we got to seem Dox struggling with the things that he and Kelsier did. 


Zane, he was something wasn't he?  I liked that Vin struggled with the fact that he got her in ways Elend couldn't but that she was like actually no the trust factor love factor trumps this. And then the way she won that battle, like seriously! I like that each metal has a downfall and a weakness and that atium isn't just a trump card but that it also has a weakness. ALSO on the Zane front, what is up with the voice in his head? Who was it, how is this going to come back up because clearly that last line from him indicates that the voice is coming back some how? was it the voice of the thing in the well or something else?


I don't know how I feel about Elend being a mistborn now? Like I trust Brandon Sanderson but I never really wanted Elend to be a mistborn, I liked that he was just normal and the dynamic that provided for Vin and his relationship but again I'm sure Brandon Sanderson will handle this well, I'm just not so sure about it.

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