The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea (5th Wave) - Rick Yancey

So in my review for The 5th Wave I said:

I'm hoping that I wont have it figured out in the first 10% of the book. Maybe I can turn my brain off for a bit and just sit back and enjoy it.

Well I didn't have this book figured out it the first 10% but that's because this book makes a lateral movement and has a lot of internal things and backstories going on without anything really happening for half the book and left me saying, "wait, why is this happening". The second half makes more since but still was like "wait, what, why is this happening?" which resulted in me not turning of my brain so I guess that was good...


This book starts with the team hanging out at the hotel where Even was supposed to meet Cassie.  Winter is coming and they can't stay there so Ringer is off to look for a new place to hold up at.  Half of the book follows the crew and half of it follows Ringer. I think that this was a series that got pushed into 3 books, because this book didn't need to be there. Almost nothing happens for most of the book so it probably could have been lumped into the last book and cut out a lot of the extraneous junk. Or more substantial things could have been added to this book, or the backstories that we got could have been reworked a bit to add depth and feeling for these children who are now fighting the aliens. 


This book has multiple points of view and it doesn't do it well. More than once I was a few lines in before I figured out who I was reading from, nothing is labeled and you start reading from Ringers point of view which is confusing but at one point you hear this conversation between her and Cassie. Then later in Cassie's section you hear this same conversation but like 3 times as long and it doesn't really serve a purpose other than seeing these two girls have a bitch off.


The problem with the second half of the book is that there doesn't seem to be a good reason for what is happening. Also there are a lot of questions raised about what is even really going on with the aliens. Ringer has so many theories on what is going on with the alien invasion that I was starting to feel like I was reading something from a conspiracy theory enthusiast. I'm getting a lot Maze Runner vibes with the "What,Why is this happening" situations. It's not as bad as that series but I'm really concerned about how this last book is going to go. I guess we'll see in May how this all wraps up. I just really want to know what is actually going on sans all the conspiracy theories.

Why Ringer? I get the whole we need to find Evan thing but if they downloaded her memory in wonderland couldn't they just hangout and check there for his body and the other people. What is Vosch's obsession with Ringer. Also this is the same girl who figured out the tracker eyepiece situation which they would have known from her wonderland or Teacups.


I didn't mind the whole 12th system thing but I was still questioning the motivation there. The whole situation with Razor was just kinda weird and sad but also seemed like a huge ploy to be push the idea of trusting no one.  That being said that ending was intense.


Also Poundcake.  So sad but also really interesting way to kill him off and save the group.  Is Grace really dead or is she going to show up again?

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