The Invasion of the Tearling

The Invasion of the Tearling - Erika Johansen

Since this is a sequel this is going to have spoilers for book one, for which I have a review here. Also this book should have a trigger warning for rape, spousal abuse, and self harm.




This book picks up right where the first book ended. The Mort Army is on it's way, Kelsey has to deal with the consequences of stopping the slave shipment.  This book also has a dual time lines, Kelsea and Lily, a precrossing woman, in it which explains so much more of the world and how we ended up in a regressed future. 


This book got the same rating for me because I liked it about the same but in different ways. I felt like the plot moved a lot better, I was glad that a lot of the questions from book one were answered. However I found the dual story lines introduced in a rather clunky way. When we first where introduced to Lily I was so jarred and confused about what was going on, and even after I knew what was going on I was still really felt off balance for the first few switches.  I thought the pacing was better in this book even though the two stories where clunky at first, something seemed to be always happening in both stories.


Some other things I liked: I really l liked the characters in this book and the character development we see.  I think this really helped a lot. I liked learning more about the side characters, and I liked seeing Kelsea struggle with what kind of person she wants to be. Also there is a romance in this book that I actually liked, which is a bit rare for me in regards to YA.


One thing that I didn't love in this book where the elements of self harm. I see why it was in there, I just don't think it was necessary. I liked that Kelsea seemed real in the first book with her self doubt about her body but while I know self harm is something lots of people deal with, and some of her emotions surrounding it where pretty honest to actual self harm, I don't think it served purpose large enough to merit it's inclusion. 


Yes I will be picking up book three as I said in my last review. I like this world I like how this book ended but I also feel like I have no idea how the story is going to wrap up which leaves me interested. I am still curious about the world Johansen has built and and excited to see how it all comes together since she delayed the release to give it the proper ending.


Lingering questions and spoiler things below.


-Okay where exactly is new London? did the crossing take them across time or space, or both?

-Is the Fetch a part of the dark thing? was his soul split in two since they are both eternal and the Fetch seems to know a lot about the dark thing?

-What on earth did Kelsea unleash when she forgave the dark thing. More disappearing people? Is he heading to Mort for the Red Queen? Will Kelsea, Lazarus, and or the Fetch have to take him out? and while this be before or after we rescue Kelsea from the Mort?

-I liked that Kelsea really had to grapple with evil Kelsea. I also loved that Lazarus is so willing to call her on her shit

-The Sapphires in this book where a little to OP for me. They felt very deus ex machina to me (I'm looking at you random down pour that magically saves pretty much everyone).

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