Updating Reviews

Do you update reviews? When or why do you update them? And do you just update them and not say anything or do you draw attention to it? I feel weird that it's like a old review I'm just randomly updating but does anyone care it it just me?


I just updated my review for The Twelve because: I thought it was a 2.5 star book not a 3 star book, there was one place that was a bit confusing in it's wording, and I didn't like how I ended the review. Also I didn't cover rather or not I thought I'd be continuing in the series which I think speaks a lot about how you feel about a book/series.


As for the update to The Twelve I said I wasn't sure if I'd continue it. I realize I don't know that I care about that world (which I typed into my Invasion of the Tearling post then deleated because it didn't belong there which got me back to my original The Twelve post where I realized all the issues stated above). I think If I finish it it will just be because I like to see how things wrap up. I don't like stories just rattling around my brain without knowing how authors wrapped them up but that has lead me to finishing series that in hindsight I should have just put down and read something I really wanted to read. (I'm looking at you Maze Runner).


I guess that also brings up the question "Do you finish series you start even if you don't feel invested/care about so that you know how it ends?" I tend to talk myself into finishing them on the grounds that maybe it gets better and a *need* to know the ending.