The Good Girl

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

Mia meets a guy at a bar after her boyfriend stands her up, again.  However this guy ends up being a kidnapper. This story is told from multiple timelines and perspectives. We hear from of her mom, the cop investigating the case, and her kidnapper. I really enjoyed Kubica's writing and liked the ride this book took us on. As a mystery I wish there were some things that were done a bit better but this was a solid debut book.


I listened to this on audio and all the characters had different narrators which I love but I had a couple great chuckles listening to the mom, who is British, and the cop who is from Chicago, imitating each other in their sections, some people just can't do accents.


I liked the writing and have been in a mood for psychological thrillers so I picked up her next book and plan on picking up the one that's about to come out.


Okay thoughts on the ending

While I did like this book I was never super sold on the Stockholm thing from her perspective, probably because we didn't hear from her.  I believed Owen's falling for her but I didn't ever get what was going on with her to cause the shift, though isn't that one of the big hallmarks of Stockholm's if you aren't in the situation you don't really get how it can happen?


My original theory was that she was faking her amnesia so Owen could get away and then they would later hook up. I started to question that later on (largely because her romantic shift seemed to easy) but kept holding on to it because in some weird fucked up way I really liked their fucked up romance that developed. I liked how it actually ended though and her getting Canoe back.

(show spoiler)