Hero of Ages

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson

This is the final book in the Mistborn trilogy. While this is the most predictable of three books it's still exciting and interesting and I thought it was a really great way to wrap up the series. I would give the series as a whole 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy or wants to get into high fantasy.


And now I'll just ramble about a bunch of stuff that I had thoughts on while I was reading this.


  • I suspected that Ruin was the Kelsier that Spook was seeing because he just didn't seem like Kelsier.
  • I started to suspect the earring before it was revealed but then somehow managed to miss that Reen was Ruin.
  • I was so glad that we really saw the way that the mist sickness meant something and how that all came together.
  • I loved how much hemalurgy was built into all of the "monsters" we saw in these books and how important all three types of magic where to this world. It kept it from feeling like this was a throw away deus ex machina.
  • I like that everyone dies, it felt right.
  • But I was really surprised how the Kandra storyline worked out
  • I was sad that Vin and TenSoon didn't get to connect again
  • I liked that Sazed was the Hero of Ages, Vin felt off but I was also like maybe it's just me being suspicious.
  • I loved the Ball Scene, it was so nice and a really great moment for them just be a couple in this mess of a situation.
  • Also I'm so glad that Saz let us know that Vin and Elend where happy


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