The Birthing House

The Birthing House - Christopher Ransom

After collecting his fathers life insurance, Conrad and his wife, Jo, move to a former birthing house to rehab their marriage and get out of LA. However the house may have come with a little more than they bargained for. Is the house haunted, or is Conrad just losing his mind following his father's unexpected death? 


I wanted to read horror, thriller, suspense book. Instead I got this, which is so sad. This was such a mess, I really should have DNFed it. However since I didn't, I feel very confident in my rating. This book read like it didn't have an editor or was a first draft, and then in sections it really read like a porn.  Seriously at one point there was some very graphic sex but it was written in the most awkward and unappealing way that I couldn't help but roll my eyes and laugh and how smarmy it felt.


Overall the characters were pretty terrible. Conrad is flat and also apparently is the author which he take the time to tell us in the middle of the book. No, literally he brakes the fourth wall and says something along the lines of "Because you've figured out he is me" in a weird monologue in the middle of the book. His wife Jo isn't consistent in the personality traits that Conrad puts on her. Holly's story isn't cleanly or interestingly placed into the story. Nadia, the other main character, is such a weird throw away for the most part but also crucial to build the haunted house. Also in the last like 30ish pages we find out about the doctor and women that ran the birthing house that maybe haunting the house. Everything about the house's history is really rushed causing the book to lose a lot of the potential creep factor. I wish we had started to get parts of the house's history peppered through the book instead so that we could have time for the creepy vibe to develop and given us more time to wonder if the house is haunted or if it's Conrad's mental status.


Please just skip this book, I wish I would have.