Bazaar of Bad Dreams

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams - Stephen King

I some how have missed Stephen King which seems a little bit odd to me but then again as a kid the idea of It horrified me. But I finally picked up this because I wasn't sure where to start of if I'd even like his style. Overall I really like it, though there were some that were good but just a bit to long and drawn out for me, like Mile 81. I really liked Mortality, Herman Wouk Is Still Alive, Under the Weather, Blockade Billy, Obits and Summer Thunder. Ones that didn't really work for were Bad Little Kid, A Death, The Bone Church and Tommy.


I think I'm going to be picking up the Mr. Mercedes trilogy because I like crime books and King's writing so I'm hoping they don't disappoint. Also Will Patton narrates it, and I was nervous about listening to something other than the Raven Cycle that he reads but he did a few of the stories in this and does an amazing job.