The Guise of Another

The Guise of Another - Tantor Audio, Jonathan Yen, Allen Eskens

Alexander Rupert is under federal investigation for suspicion of corruption, since he was awarded the Medal of Valor instead of suspension he’s been shoved off to the fraud department.  So when he gets a case to look into a car-accident where the victim, James Putnam, was a man who died 15 years earlier he jumps on it as a chance to pull his name out of the mud. Things get interesting when searching for answers about the victim put Alex in the sights of an assassin who’s been looking for Putnam. 



I read The Life We Bury earlier this year and I really liked it so when I heard Eskens had another book coming out soon I decided to pick it up. Honestly though this book doesn’t give me the same feels at all.  While the cop from The Life We Bury, Max Rupert makes an appearance in this book, the vibe is totally different.  This book is very much a cop thriller, while The Life We Bury is more about characters and relationships with a mystery mixed in. Because this book is very cop thriller I also thought it was really predictable. I don’t think anything was super surprising and while there were moments of real tension, it’s hard to be that tense when you have things figured out way ahead of time. I really wish we’d gotten more of the character development things mixed into this book because this just read as an average book to me.