Shadows of Self

Shadows of Self (Mistborn) - Brandon Sanderson

I feel like I'm the only one who isn't enjoying the Wax and Wayne series.  I looking an overwhelming number of people have rated this book 4 or 5 stars and I'm just sitting here like Eh? Okay...


Something I said in my review for Alloy of Law is “Also this book was a lot shorter which didn't lead to a more concise story but rather a story that felt like it was missing chunks” and I feel like it applies to this book as well.


There are things that I did enjoy specifically the characters and ending of the book. I don’t feel like the tone was consistent enough through this book though and that took away a lot for me.  At the risk of being burned at the stake, I don’t feel like the world was built enough. To enjoy this book you really need to have read at least the original Mistborn trilogy. I read and loved those though and I still feel like this world wasn’t built quite enough for me to care. I don’t know that the religious aspects were developed enough to play the role that they did in this book. The subject of Trell is seeming clunky, with the original trilogy we found out about the Lord Ruler and Hero of Ages slowly and intriguingly whereas this book we just seem to be having issues dropped on us and the seemingly more important issues aren’t getting the time they need or deserve. 


I’m going to keep reading this series because I want to know what’s going on but I’m feeling like I’m missing a lot and maybe need to pick up other books in the Cosmere to fully appreciate what is going on. Ugh I don’t know.