End of Watch

End of Watch: A Novel - Stephen King

Something weird is going on in the Traumatic Brain Clinic where Brady Hartsfield is being treated. And people keep committing suicide.


I really liked seeing how this Brady has grown in this book and the way that the Finders Keepers crew took to fighting him. This book was really good I enjoyed it and it was probably the best of the series. HOWEVER this series was a mess. These books, I liked all of them independently but we have Mr. Mercedes which was a straight crime, Finders Keepers which was a thriller with an interesting look into readers, and then you have End of Watch which is straight paranormal murder thriller stuff.  Really all you need from Finders Keepers is the set up for End of Watch which could have easily gone at the end of Mr. Mercedes. That to me is a problem. I’m going to read more from King because he writes well, I enjoy his characters and he tells good stories, and because a lot of the reviews I’ve read said this series was atypical.


Also HUGE Shoutout to Stephen King for taking his platform and using an author’s note to address the real issue of suicide and offer a place that can help. I love when people use their platform to help.