Mr. Mercedes

Mr Mercedes - Stephen King

A Mercedes plows through a group of job seekers killing 8 and injuring many, but the driver is never caught.  For now retired detective, Bill Hodges, life has been so empty he’s been thinking about eating a bullet when he gets a letter from the driver.  Now Bill, with a new zeal for life, is back on the hunt. This book features dual narratives from both Bill and Brady Hartfield, the driver of the Mercedes.


This is the first full length book that I’ve read by King and I really enjoyed it.  I was invested in the characters and events of this book but I had to suspend some disbelief that Bill would go lone wolf on this. I liked seeing the events from both perspective though it was occasionally really frustrating to watch Bill puzzle things out when we already know what’s happening. Also after finishing this book I wasn’t really sure how this was going to be a trilogy but still planned on reading the whole thing.