Truly Madly Guilty

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty

This book follows 3 families before and after a backyard barbeque. Something happens at the barbeque and we jump between the day of the barbeque and the families trying to deal with the after math of the barbeque. The tragic event that happened at the barbeque is kept from the reader for at least half the book if not more.  I listened to this book on audio and the amount of times that the word barbeque is said is so ridiculous that I went through the phase of the word just meaning nothing as well as me wanting to rip my hair out every time it was said. Honestly the story was fine but I was so glad when it ended so I didn’t have to hear that word one more time.  

I did enjoy this book, the characters felt like real humans and I appreciated it.  I loved the conversations that Moriarty put forth about love, marriage and friendship. However it felt like it was as long as it was, I didn’t get wrapped up or engrossed in this book like I would have liked, so while it didn’t drag, it did feel longish. I think I’m going to read Big Little Lies, because I’ve heard that one is a bit more engaging.