The Murderer's Daughter

The Murderer's Daughter: A Novel - Jonathan Kellerman

Dr. Grace Blades is the psychologist to see, highly accomplished and dedicated to her patients. However her life had a dark and difficult beginning. When a new patient, who has a lot in common with her early life, ends up dead she fears her own history being exposed. My coworker recommended this to me. This book is more mystery than thriller but I found myself not caring about the events as much as I would have hoped. I just kept feeling like Blades was making a much bigger deal of things that the situation warranted and that the choices she made didn’t really make a ton of sense. The way Kellerman tells Blades backstory though is done really well and is really interesting and where this book shines the most. I listened to this book and I think that helped me get through it, I think I would have struggled to care enough to get through the physical book.