Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia : 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen - Julie Powell

I listened to this book, found out it was abridged, came home and read the physical book from my TBR shelf. The idea of Julie’s blog, and from that this book, is something that I was really on board for. The actualization of the book though was a bit painful. It is very easy to see how Julie’s blog did well in the digital medium in a time when blogs weren’t as common. Reading the book felt like I was reading a blog which sort of worked for a memoir, but only sort of. I spent a lot of time in this book wanting to shout “GO TO THERAPY!!!” because a lot of the things that she discusses about her personal life are huge red flags, and honestly write the events of her next book “Cleaving” on the wall. The audiobook cuts out a lot of the more personal things about Julie and her friends which both helps because you lose a lot of the Cleaving foreshadowing, but also cuts out some a lot of friendship and New York atmosphere, which is both helpful and harmful to this story. I thought Julie’s friends were some of the best parts of this story but also it gave a book that was supposed to be about cooking and turned it into Sex in (Long Island) City. Also the way she talked about the status of her apartment made me curious as to why anyone ever ate anything from that kitchen. I wanted to like this book, and it flopped really hard for me.