Blankets - Craig Thompson

This graphic novel has had so much hype and I can see, it reads very true to life in a small town and a religious family. Thompson clearly had a story to tell and the passion and intensity of the relationship in this book is something I feel like I saw in other teens relationships in the church when I was that age. This book has a lot of heavy and intense topics in it, and some of them aren’t completely explored which in some ways was very frustrating but I also think that it is accurate to life and the fact that this book is a memoir. That being said though the ending was so rushed I feel like it was done on a huge deadline and didn’t get the attention it deserved.


I would suggest it to people even if they aren’t usually into comics since the art in this book is interesting, while it’s huge it is a very quick read, and it’s a self-contained story. However I don’t think everyone is going to like this. I think my experience with the ultra-Christians and small town mentality helped buoy this story for me in a way that someone without at least one of those experiences may not have the same reaction to this story.