How to be a Heroine

How to Be a Heroine: Or, What I've Learned from Reading too Much (Vintage Original) - Samantha Ellis

This book is part memoir part literary critique, and over all I found it really interesting despite not having read the vast majority of the books discussed. Samantha Ellis goes on a mission to reassess her childhood heroines and books that she loved. 


I found Ellis' life to be really interesting and while I didn't have the exact same experience of looking for myself in the same books, I was looking for myself or who I could be in other books. I also really enjoyed hearing about her family and upbringing. We don't hear a lot from Iraqi Jews (which isn't super surprising given their history) so hearing from that family view point and how that impacted her was really interesting. 


I think I would have rated this book higher if I had had more experience with the books that she talks. That being said I did leave this book with more books to add to my TBR that I am really interested in reading.